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Trump spoke about the good deeds of Hitler

Former U.S. President Donald Trump, during a trip to Europe on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War in 2018, praised the activities of German Fuhrer Adolf Hitler, writes The Guardian.

It is clarified that this became known from a new book by journalist Michael Bender. According to the author, Trump claimed that Hitler also did good things: for example, in the 1930s, he raised the German economy. The remark of the former head of the White House stunned his senior aide, General John Kelly.

Bender writes that Trump made this remark during an impromptu history lesson, in which Kelly “reminded the president whose side the countries were on during the conflict” and “connected the dots from World War I to World War II and all the atrocities of Hitler.”

Trump, in turn, denies that he said such a thing. However, sources claim that they heard a Trump aide trying to prove to him that it was wrong to praise the Nazi leader in any form.

Earlier, Trump compared the persecution of his company Trump Organization and its CFO with the manifestations of a” communist dictatorship”. In his opinion, the Democrats are “perverting the law” and using it as a weapon against their political opponents. He said that New York State prosecutors are engaged in a” witch hunt " and called this phenomenon outrageous and shameful.

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