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US Elections: Joe Biden leads in South Carolina. Next in line is “Super Tuesday”

For one day, South Carolina became the center of the political life of all of America. The country with bated breath followed the result of primaries in the state. There were no technical problems or surprises — however, the result still struck many.

US Elections: Joe Biden leads in South Carolina. Next in line is “Super Tuesday”

It is understood that Joe Biden was the obvious leader in South Carolina. He, like no other, was able to enlist the support of African Americans — 60% of the Democratic Party base in this state. The main question was only with what margin Biden would win.

A week before the primaries, polls showed that Bernie Sanders could only be a couple of percent behind Biden. However, Sanders then decided to extol communist regimes, and his ratings in conservative South Carolina went down. Biden, on the contrary, persuaded local influential democrats to support themselves. For him, everything turned out just right.

With nearly 50% in South Carolina, Biden comes in second in the number of delegates and first in the number of voters. Of course, this alignment of forces will not last long — only until the Super Tuesday on March 3rd. But there, Biden’s position also strengthened: immediately after a landslide victory that night, he was supported by the entire establishment of the Virginia Democratic Party.

Speaking to his supporters, Biden announced that America does not crave the political revolution Sanders promises. Instead, he offers them an alternative: the continuation of a conditional, moderately liberal Obama policy.

Sanders, after a painful defeat, did not linger in South Carolina, as he did in New Hampshire or Nevada. He hastily thanked his activists for their support, and on three private jets rushed to California, the main state of Super Tuesday.

Perhaps the key outcome of the South Carolina primaries was the realization that elections cannot be bought with money alone. Billionaire Tom Steyer lowered tens of millions of dollars in this state, eventually receiving only 11% of the vote. Immediately after the announcement of the results, he announced the completion of his presidential campaign.

This is a lesson for another billionaire in the primaries — Mike Bloomberg. He was expecting Biden to leave the race soon, planning to pick up the votes of his voters. But it wasn’t there, and, apparently, Bloomberg should not hope that on Super Tuesday he will show a strong result only because he managed to spend $450 million on advertising.

As for the general situation in the primaries, the probability of a competitive convention among the Democrats has now only increased. Sanders remains the leader of the race, but he has fewer chances to get the support of most delegates.

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