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Bloomberg reported on an attack by “Russian hackers” on a committee of Republicans

The attack occurred at roughly the same time as the mass hacking of a number of IT companies' customers using ransomware. According to Bloomberg, the "Russia-linked" hacker group Cozy Bear is behind the new attack.

Hackers allegedly “affiliated with the Russian government” hacked the computer networks of the U.S. Republican Party National Committee, Bloomberg reported.

Agency sources said the hackers were part of a group known as APT29, or Cozy Bear, which the U.S. links to the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service. It was also suspected of hacking into the Democratic National Committee in 2016 and conducting a cyberattack on U.S. government agencies that use the services of IT company SolarWinds.

As Bloomberg reported, it is not yet known what data the hackers accessed or whether they managed to steal any information.

According to the agency, the attack on the Republican National Committee took place at about the same time as the attack on a number of IT companies by “Russian-linked” hackers. In particular, one of the victims was international software maker Kaseya. According to the company, the hack compromised the data of about 60 customers, many of whom also provided IT services to other organizations. At least 1,500 firms were affected by the attack.

According to Bloomberg's sources, the hackers attacked the Republican committee through one of its IT providers, Synnex Corp. The committee itself said there is no indication yet that its data was hacked or stolen. “We are investigating what happened and have informed the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI,” committee spokesman Mike Reed told the agency.

The “Russia-linked” hacker group REvil was behind the recent massive attack on IT companies and their customers, Bloomberg experts claimed. According to them, on their website, the hackers demanded a $70 million ransom in bitcoins for unlocking the victims' computers. The same group was blamed by the FBI for the attack on branches of the world's largest meat producer JBS in late May. Then, amid the suspension of plants in the U.S. and problems at plants in Australia and Canada, the company had to pay hackers a ransom of $11 million.

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