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The White House promised Moscow response to hacker attacks

The United States considers Russia responsible for hacker attacks committed from its territory, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said.

According to her, even if the Russian authorities are not involved in the activities of criminal actors, they are still responsible for their actions. The official representative stressed that the United States does not insist that Moscow is involved in cyber attacks, but added that Washington will respond to such steps.

“If the Russian government cannot or will not take steps against criminal elements on its territory, we will take actions or reserve the right to take actions on our part,” Psaki concluded.

Earlier, US President Joe Biden questioned Russia's involvement in the recent hacker attack using a ransomware virus in the United States. He stressed that initially, the United States did not suspect Russia of a hacker attack, but there is no complete certainty about this. The American leader threatened to take retaliatory measures against Russia if it turns out that it was she who committed the cyber attack.

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