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A new record for eating hot dogs has been set in the U.S.

The winners of the tournament, in addition to a monetary reward of 10 thousand dollars, also receive belts.

In New York on Sunday, July 4, on the occasion of the Independence Day of the United States, the next international hot dog eating competitions were held, the ESPN TV channel reported.

The American Joey Chestnut, nicknamed Jaws, won the competition, which has been organized by the American chain of Nathan's eateries since 1972. The man ate 76 hot dogs in ten minutes, thus breaking his previous record — in 2020, Chestnut ate 75 hot dogs.

In general, this is the 14th victory of the record holder in these competitions.

Similar competitions were held among women. The winner was Michelle Lesko, who ate 30 and a half hot dogs in ten minutes. At the same time, Mika Sudo's record, set in 2020 (48 and a half hotdogs), has been preserved. Sudo did not participate in the tournament this year due to pregnancy.

It should be noted that the winners, in addition to a monetary reward of 10 thousand dollars, also receive belts: men — mustard color, women — pink. For the second place, they pay five thousand dollars, for the third — 2.5 thousand.

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