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Jeff Bezos has left the post of CEO of the Amazon company he founded

On July 5, 2021, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos officially resigned his powers and left the leadership position at the company that he himself founded. Meanwhile, one of the richest people on Earth is unlikely to be bored — very soon he will have a suborbital flight on a spaceship. Moreover, as noted by the media, Bezos was previously seen in various types of extreme recreation, to which, obviously, he has a certain weakness.

57-year-old Jeff Bezos has resigned as CEO of Amazon, but he is unlikely to be bored “in retirement”, the Business Insider portal notes. The fact is that the billionaire loves active recreation, preferring a variety of extreme activities to rest.

Flight into space

Very soon, on July 20, Jeff Bezos will go on a space trip. Bezos, along with his brother, will fly on the New Shepard ship from Blue Origin, which is also owned by the billionaire. For Blue Origin, this will be the first launch of people into space at an altitude of more than 100 km.

“The view of the Earth from space changes you. I'm going on this flight because I've wanted to do it all my life, “ the billionaire said.

Diving to the depth

However, even before traveling to space, Bezos often visited places where not everyone would dare to go. So, in 2013, the head of Amazon, his parents, brother, and brother—in—law went on a sea voyage to find the remains of the Apollo 11 engine-the very rocket whose crew made the first landing of people on the Moon. The family spent 30 days at sea.

“We saw an underwater wonderland — an incredible garden of twisted F-1 engines, telling the story of the cruel end of the Apollo program,” Jeff Bezos described his adventures.

It is known that the head of Amazon has always admired the story of Apollo 11. Even the date he chose for the suborbital flight — July 20-is the day when Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin first set foot on the surface of the moon in 1969.

Where the wind is

In 2017, Jeff Bezos posted a video on his Instagram where he stands on top of an Amazon wind turbine. The video was dedicated to the launch of one of the company's wind farms. The billionaire fearlessly stands on a windmill in a helmet and a harness and breaks a bottle of champagne on it.

“A great day to baptize a power plant,” Bezos signed his photo.

Arctic adventures

In 2018, Jeff Bezos celebrated Earth Day with a dog sled ride.

“We are riding in the Arctic Circle in the north of Norway. Apollo astronaut Jim Lovell said that a person goes to heaven not after death, but after birth. Earth is the best planet in our solar system. We are going into space to save the Earth, “ the billionaire signed his Instagram post.

Cave Explorer

In 2017, Mark Bezos, the brother of the founder of Amazon, shared photos in which the billionaire, along with his ex-wife Mackenzie Scott, brother-in-law and a mutual friend, descended into the caves in the picture, the company is surrounded by stalagmites.

“Great trip. You don't have to worry about notifications on your phone — there is no connection there,” Jeff Bezos said at the time.

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