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The simulation revealed the most likely place of the galactic civilization in the Milky Way

If another civilization was only 0.1 percent of the age of the Galaxy older than our world, they would be millions of years further away from us and, presumably, more developed, suggests the scientists modeling.

If we are already on the verge of sending life to other worlds, then the Milky Way may well be teeming with alien ships and colonies now. We can't see it, but maybe we were looking in the wrong place.

A recent computer simulation by Professor of astronomy and astrophysics Jason T. Wright of the University of Pennsylvania and his colleagues suggests that the best place to search for ancient space civilizations may be the core of the Galaxy, a relatively unknown target in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence.

A unique feature of this new simulation is that it takes into account the movement of the stars of the Galaxy. The Milky Way is not static, as assumed in previous models, it is rather a churning swirling mass. Colonization ships or probes will fly among the stars, which are moving by themselves.

A new simulation shows that the movement of stars contributes to colonization, while contributing to the spread of civilization, writes Universe Today.

Earlier it was written that the so-called uranium “snowflakes” are hypothetically capable of causing thermonuclear explosions of dead stars.

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