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A powerful storm “Elsa” is moving to the United States and Cuba

A state of emergency has already been declared in Florida, even a dilapidated building that recently collapsed in Miami had to be demolished

In the United States, a dilapidated house was demolished, which recently collapsed in Miami, as a powerful tropical storm “Elsa” is approaching the state of Florida.

It is noted that the death toll as a result of the collapse of the house reached 24 people, the fate of 121 more people is unknown. Search operations were carried out around the clock.

The building had already begun to sway and the impact of the storm would not have withstood, so they decided to demolish it with an explosion. Due to the approaching storm, a state of emergency was declared in 15 counties of Florida.

But the “Elsa” has already struck a blow in the Caribbean. Powerful winds and thunderstorms are raging in Jamaica and Barbados. Two people were killed in the Dominican Republic, in particular, a 15-year-old boy. Another victim was reported on the island of Saint Lucia.

The next one on the path of the elements — Cuba. More than 180 thousand people were taken out of the coastal zones, they are waiting out the bad weather in shelters. Those who did not have time to leave, especially residents of mountainous areas, are advised to go down to the caves. The arrival of “Elsa” is expected there today.

Recall that recently in the Czech Republic, a powerful tornado destroyed several villages, as a result of which five people were killed, dozens of people were injured. Four villages were almost leveled to the ground, people remained under the ruins of houses.

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