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Biden questioned Russia's involvement in cyberattacks in the U.S.

The U.S. has suggested that Russia is not involved in the recent cyber attack, which was aimed at about 20 companies. This was announced by US President Joe Biden on Saturday, July 3.

He noted that Washington has no confidence as to who carried out the hacker attacks. Biden added that he had instructed the US special services to look into the issue.

— I was informed when I was on the plane. The initial opinion is that it was not the Russian government, but we are not sure yet, “ the American leader said.

According to him, during a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Geneva, he informed him that Washington would “respond” if Russia was behind the cyberattacks, Bloomberg writes.

Recall that the American and British special services in a joint report accused the Main Intelligence Agency of Russia of hacking attacks on hundreds of government and private structures around the world. At the same time, the Russian Embassy in the United States rejected the Kremlin's involvement in hacker attacks.

Earlier, the official representative of the American White House, Jen Psaki, said that the United States is ready to respond to Russia for “hacker attacks imputed to it,” and retaliatory cyber strikes will be carried out without warning.

At the same time, Russian President Vladimir Putin called unfounded accusations that the Russian authorities or hackers are related to cyberattacks in the United States. The president did not rule out the possibility that Washington's intelligence has access to Russian information networks but stressed that this fact does not cause him fear. At the same time, he noted that he expects cooperation with the United States in the fight against cybercrime.

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