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There are enough patients of their own: Trump ordered migrants to be allowed only with medical insurance

US President Signs Stricter Entry Rules for Migrants

Photo: REUTERS / Erin Scott

The authorities of the United States of America have banned entry into the country of migrants who can’t provide documents about the availability of medical insurance, or other documents proving that arrivals are able to pay for medical services. The corresponding order was signed by US President Donald Trump and it is published on the White House website.

“Our healthcare system is facing problems caused by uncompensated costs. The US government is worsening the problem by accepting thousands of foreigners who have not shown the ability to pay for medical care,” the American leader explained.

Celebrated. That the ban applies only to those who apply for migration visas. Those already in the United States will not be affected by the ban.

Also, the rule does not apply to persons with a residence permit in the United States, asylum seekers, refugees, and children. New rules for migrants will work from November 3.

Earlier, Donald Trump, by his decree, introduced new measures to control the flow of migrants who want to seek refuge in the United States. Under the new rules, migrants who want to obtain asylum or temporary work in the United States will be able to do this if they pay for a faster application.

In addition, in the United States, authorities intend to begin collecting DNA samples from migrants and asylum seekers for inclusion in a database that contains information about criminals.

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