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In Japan, the U.S. was warned about a new Pearl Harbor against the background of Russian exercises

Russia's military exercises in the area of the Hawaiian Islands should cause caution. This was stated by the Deputy Minister of Defense of Japan Yasuhide Nakayama, reports the Daily Express

“Seventy years ago, we attacked Pearl Harbor. I don't want to remind you about this attack, but the Russian exercises should be treated with caution,” the politician explained, thus drawing a parallel between Russia's actions near the U.S. borders and the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Nakayama also pointed out the need for a policy of deterrence against China, since, according to him, Beijing conducts military exercises in coordination with Moscow.

“The U.S. Indo-Pacific Command monitors Russian vessels operating in international waters in the western Pacific Ocean. We expect that Russia will carry out its maneuvers without violating international law,” the deputy minister summed up.

Earlier it was reported that an American journalist who was on board the U.S. Navy destroyer “Ross” filmed the exercises of Russian ships and aircraft in the Black Sea.

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