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The Chinese will create the world's most powerful laser to produce unknown matter

A group of scientists in Shanghai plans to launch a laser installation Station of Extreme Light (SEL, Extreme Light Station) of record power in two years. It will generate a beam with a power of 100 petawatts, which is 10,000 times higher than the power of all power plants on Earth (the laser has a very short radiation time, and pumping (charging) is long, so there will be no special problems with energy).

Scientists expect that such a powerful impulse will make it possible to create matter from energy (in accordance with Einstein's formula on the relationship of mass and energy). However, scientists cannot yet predict the properties of the synthesized substance.

At the moment, the Shanghai Institute of Optics and Precision Mechanics already has a laser with a power of 10 petawatts. A recent invention made by scientists makes it possible to increase the power of a laser pulse by 10 times. Splitting the beam (by a diffraction grating) into a color spectrum with further amplification of each individual wavelength and further connection into one powerful beam will help to do this.

That is, in this technology, the laser source will be one, although several separate sources of coherent radiation are usually used. We have to make complex systems for their synchronization. Since the temperatures of laser beams are very high, the focusing and reflecting equipment (lenses, prisms, and mirrors) cannot withstand them and it is very difficult to make such a system.

Why exactly the diffraction grating can withstand such a temperature is not reported.

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