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$180,000 is Jen Psaki's salary

The administration of U.S. President Joe Biden has submitted to Congress an annual report on how much White House employees receive. It turned out that on average, all employees of the residence of the American leader earn about $93,000 — $94,000 a year.

One of the highest-paid employees was the press secretary of the US president, Jen Psaki, known for her criticism of Russia. Her annual salary is $180,000.

As reported by NBC News and Bloomberg, $180,000 a year is also earned:

— National Security Assistant Jake Sullivan;
the head of the National Economic Council of the White House, Brian Dees;

— White House Chief of Staff Ron Kline and his deputy Jen O'Malley Dillon;

— the head of the White House Domestic Policy Council, Susan Rice;

— Senior Advisors Mike Donilon, Steve Ricceti, Cedric Richmond, Anthony Bernal, and Dana Remus.

One of the highest-paid White House employees was Molly Groom, an immigration policy adviser, who earns $185,656 a year.

Biden's annual salary is $400,000.

Junior staff in the White House receive an average of $48,000 annually.

As the Hill newspaper noted, during the reign of the previous president Donald Trump (2016-2020), women received an average of $21,000 less than men. Now, according to the latest report, the average salary of women is on average $93,752, while that of male colleagues is $94,639. At the same time, 60% of all employees of the administration of the American president were female.

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