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The Trump team has launched its own social network GETTR

On July 1, the team of former U.S. President Donald Trump launched a new social network called GETTR.

The application can become an alternative to social networks owned by large companies, writes Politico.

The social network was launched without excessive fanfare, without particularly attracting attention to it, the publication notes.

“The fight against the culture of cancellation, the promotion of common sense, the protection of freedom of speech, the fight against monopolies in social networks and the creation of a real market of ideas,” says the description of the platform about its true mission.

The former representative of the 45th President of the United States, Jason Miller, is responsible for the development of the social network. It is not yet reported whether Trump has created an account on the new social network.

Political scientists do not exclude that it is with its help that Joe Biden's predecessor will communicate with his supporters online.

Instagram Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Twitter, the world's main social networks, decided to block Trump's accounts at the beginning of the year. The formal reason for this was the riots in the Capitol, which were arranged by his supporters in January.

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