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A scandal broke out in Israel because of a story to younger schoolchildren about gay marriage

A fourth-grade teacher in the Israeli city of Rishon Lezion told the children about same-sex marriage and even showed a corresponding film without informing the parents. The scandal reached the city authorities, reports Mynet on July 1.

The mother of one of the students complained in a group of the city on a social network that her daughter, after returning from school, told about the discussion of the topic of same-sex families in the lesson. The child said that they were told about how such families are created, how the LGBT community lives, and they showed a film on this topic. At the same time, parents were not notified in advance about such a discussion, and the woman emphasizes that this topic is not included in the curriculum of primary schools. According to the mother, parents, not teachers, should decide whether it is possible to tell such things to ten-year-olds.

The teacher in her defense said that she simply answered a question from the class about what a gay parade is. A volunteer of the KHUSHAN organization, which cooperates with schools on the issue of introducing children to the LGBT topic, also expressed her opinion: she stressed that the work is being done with older schoolchildren, and telling younger students was a good personal initiative of the teacher.

The mayor's office, in turn, commented that a gay pride parade was held that day, and it was decided to tell the children “about the right of every person to choose to be who he wants.” According to the authorities, the teacher acted in a tolerant and modern way.

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