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WHO announced an increase in the COVID-19 disease in Europe

Crowds of people gathering at stadiums, as well as in pubs and bars in the host cities of Euro 2020 are leading to an increase in cases of coronavirus infection in Europe, Reuters reports, citing a statement from the World Health Organization (WHO).

The organization noted that the decline in new cases observed for 10 weeks in Europe will soon end and a new wave will follow if fans and other people are not vigilant. The WHO stressed that last week the number of new cases jumped by 10 percent.

The senior officer of the organization for emergency Situations Catherine Smallwood stressed that it is necessary to take into account not only the safety of the situation at the stadiums themselves but also the transport situation.

“We should look not only at the stadiums but also at how people get there: do they travel in columns from crowded buses? And when they leave the stadiums, do they go into crowded bars and pubs to watch matches? “ She noted, stressing that it is such minor ongoing actions that provoke an increase in infection.

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