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A Belgian fighter jet crashed into the building of the Dutch Air Force base

In the Netherlands, during takeoff, an F-16 fighter jet collided with a building at the Leeuwarden Air Base.

This is reported by NOS.

The incident occurred during taxiing, even before the plane left the ground.

The pilot ejected from the plane while being injured. A person who was in a building rammed by fighter jets was also injured. It is unclear how serious the injuries of both victims are.

It is also not yet clear how the pilot lost control of the plane. The airbase wrote on Twitter that the situation is still being clarified. The plane that was involved in the accident is a Belgian F — 16. They regularly practice at the Leeuwarden Air Base.

It is noted that the emergency services responded immediately and arrived at the scene — they were able to prevent the plane from catching fire.

Leeuwarden has been an operational base for Dutch F-16s for decades. The fighter that was in an accident has almost outlived its time, it was supposed to be replaced by a new F-35.

Today, the old plane was supposed to be delivered to the airbase in Volkel, where it will be used for several more years. On Thursday, a farewell ceremony was to be held with the plane, which was postponed due to the accident.

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