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The Chinese appreciated Putin's words about the end of the unipolar world

Readers of the Chinese newspaper “Guancha” appreciated Vladimir Putin's statements that Washington is trying to maintain hegemony, while the period of the unipolar world is over.

“That's why I think that if old Joe survives these four years in office, he has two ways: he will either undermine the EU to increase America's authority or prepare his country for the decline of hegemony. I don't even know which country will be worse off from this,” one of the readers expressed the opinion.

“I look at the States — what kind of force are they going to rely on next? They have already been pressed by both Russia and China, " another user noted.

“Therefore, the United States is the most aggressive,” another commentator believes.

“The American empire is dying, but still does not want to retreat, it is in complete despair, madness, it is on the verge of complete defeat and suppression! Putin correctly said that the U.S. hegemony is over! “ — the readers summed up.

The day before, Vladimir Putin said during a direct line that no matter what sanctions are applied to Russia, it is still developing. He stressed that the period of the unipolar world has passed and the White House should proceed from the fact that everything is changing rapidly.

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