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The U.S. economic recovery has faced problems

The U.S. government notes that the country's economy is recovering faster than previously expected. Nevertheless, unexpected problems began to appear in the process of restoring it.

Thomas Barkin, who heads the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, drew attention to them. He believes that the anomalies that are observed in American business will slow down economic growth.

For example, large recreation parks have stated that they intend to reduce their working hours. This is a forced measure. They do not have enough employees for full-fledged activities. The situation looks strange since the United States still has a high unemployment rate.

Consumer activity in the country is growing. This is facilitated not only by the lifting of restrictions but also by significant amounts of funds accumulated by consumers thanks to state support.

Americans began to visit restaurants and cafes more often. The demand for hotel services is also growing. At the same time, the catering and hotel business complain about the lack of employees. The number of vacancies has already reached a record.

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