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Internet giant Amazon will switch completely to green energy

The company has signed a new agreement to buy electricity from solar and wind farms

Internet retailer Amazon, which will soon leave its founder Jeff Bezos, has signed agreements to buy electricity generated by 14 wind and solar power plants in the United States, Finland, Canada, and Spain. Meanwhile, Amazon is already the largest corporate buyer of green energy. Amazon is involved in 232 green energy projects around the world, Bloomberg writes.

The electricity purchased will be used to power offices, wholesale warehouses, and data centers, Amazon said.

The company expects to fully switch to energy from renewable sources in 2025. This goal was originally planned to be achievable only by 2030. But the Paris Agreement foresees such a transition only by 2050.

To do this, Amazon will purchase electricity produced by projects in Arkansas, Mississippi, and Pennsylvania (USA). In addition, the company's agreements include a 375-megawatt project in Alberta, Canada, as well as 52- and 152-megawatt projects in Finland and Spain.

Recall that the U.S. will also produce green hydrogen in Spain. The 22,000-square-meter facility is expected to open in 2023, creating 350 new jobs as production grows.

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