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France Expects Fourth Wave of COVID-19

The French scientific council expects in September 2021 the fourth wave of a new coronavirus infection, which may become more dangerous than all previous ones because of the spread in the republic of the “Delta plus” strain. This was reported June 30 by the publication 7SUR7.

It is known that already now the new strain accounts for 20% of daily cases of COVID-19 in France.

President of the Council Jean-Francois Delfreassi said that it is necessary to be “realistic and conscious” in assessing the epidemiological situation in the country. According to him, “the extremely low incidence rates in France are only falsely encouraging,” as summer is still in full swing. The vacation seasons have a negative impact on the dynamics of infections, he noted. Delfreassi also cited last year's experience when the second wave began with the new school year.

French epidemiologist Arnaud Fontane, for his part, agrees with the head of the Council. Fontanet believes that in September, at the latest in October, France is at risk of an increase in the number of cases. He attributes this prediction to the spread of the Delta strain and the fact that vaccination has not yet gathered the momentum needed to effectively fight infection.

On June 25 the Robert Koch Institute, which is part of the German Ministry of Health, announced that Germany had added Russia to the list of countries where dangerous mutations of the coronavirus are spreading. Along with Russia, Portugal was included in this category. Inclusion in this list means that those arriving from these countries must not only have a negative PCR test for coronavirus but also serve a 14-day quarantine period that cannot be shortened. Air travel to these countries may also be reduced.

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