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Canada recorded a temperature record of 49.5 degrees

In the western Canadian province of British Columbia, where there has been an unprecedented heatwave since Friday, the town of Litton set temperature records for the third day in a row, with 49.6 degrees Celsius recorded here, Canadian weather and climate portal ECCC Weather British Columbia reported.

“At 4:20 p.m., the Litton climate station recorded 49.5 degrees Celsius. For the third day in a row, an all-time temperature record was broken,” British Columbia forecasters said in a post on Twitter.

Temperatures rose to 47.9 degrees in Litton on Monday, June 28, and 46.6 degrees on Sunday. So far, the whole of Canada has never recorded a temperature above 45 degrees. Such a record was set in 1937 in Saskatchewan.

Vancouver police said they had received reports of 130 sudden deaths in and around the city since June 25. Most of those who died were elderly or had chronic illnesses, and police say the heat was a factor in the deaths. At the same time, B.C. Chief Coroner Liza LaPointe said 233 people died in the province between Friday and mid-afternoon Monday, although the average four-day average for the region is about 130 deaths.

Many homes in the province do not have air conditioning, as temperatures are more moderate in the summer. As Megan Fandrich of Litton told the Globe&Mail, the atmosphere in town is unbearable, it's almost impossible to go outside.

“We're used to the heat and the dry heat, but still, 47 degrees is not like 30 degrees,” she said.

In and around Vancouver, they set up cooling centers and temporary fountains. Police have stepped up patrols. Emergency services have increased their workload.

Meanwhile, the weather service of Canada has issued hot weather warnings for British Columbia, Alberta, and parts of Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and the Northwest Territories. Weather forecasters note that it is currently cooler in Dubai than in some parts of Canada.

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