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Meghan Markle's ex-husband will also become a father for the second time

As Samantha from Sex and the City said, ex-lovers always have a competition — it's called “Who will die miserably.” In a way, these words are confirmed by Meghan Markle and her ex-husband, producer Trevor Engelson. Judge for yourself: they entered into their second marriage around the same time, both had their firstborn a year after the wedding, and now, a couple of weeks after Meghan had her second child, Trevor has also announced that he will be a dad for the second time!

This was revealed on Engelson's Instagram. “Everything worked out well with the first baby, so let's do it again! This fall,” Trevor jokingly wrote, referring to the baby being born in the fall.

Engelson, 44, married nutritionist Tracy Kurland in 2019, a year after Meghan and Prince Harry's wedding. Last summer, Engelson had a daughter named Ford Grace. Harry and Meghan are raising a two-year-old son, Archie, and on June 4 they had a daughter named Lilibeth Diana after Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Diana.

Meghan and Trevor have been together for almost ten years. They started dating in 2004 and got married seven years later, but their marriage lasted only a year and a half. According to rumors, the reason for the divorce was Meghan's acting career. She was starring in the TV series “Force Majeure", and because of the shooting, she had to spend a lot of time in Canada, while Trevor lived in Los Angeles.

Curiously, after leaving England, Meghan settled next door to Trevor in Montecito. Whether the former spouses have met since Meghan returned to the United States, we do not know, but we do not rule out the possibility of a chance meeting.

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