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Luxembourg became the first country with free public transport

Thanks to the free operation of public transport, Luxembourg authorities want to unload roads from cars. Costs of €41 million will be covered by tax fees.

Luxembourg became the first country with free public transport

Tram in Luxembourg

In Luxembourg, from Saturday, February 29, all public transport — railways (except for first-class travel), buses (except for a number of night flights) and trams — became free. As explained in the Ministry of Sustainable Development of the Duchy, whose structure includes the Department of Transport, similar measures were previously taken by individual cities, but for the first time, they spread to the entire territory of a single country.

According to the plan of the authorities, this step is designed to unload the roads from cars. Every day, about 200 thousand people from Germany, France, Belgium goes to work in Luxembourg.

Tax Cancellation

The change, which authorities have called an “important social measure,” will affect nearly 40 percent of households, AFP said. The provision of completely free travel will require additional costs of 41 million euros per year, which will be received from tax fees.

The area of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is 2,590 square kilometers, which is only 79 square kilometers more than the territory of Moscow. The population of the country is 607 thousand people.

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