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Obama accused Trump of violating the principle of democracy

Former US President Barack Obama has accused his successor, the 45th US President Donald Trump, of violating the basic principle of democracy when he refused to admit defeat in last year's elections. This is reported by The Guardian.

Speaking at a virtual fundraiser, Obama said that Trump's allegations undermined the legitimacy of the US elections and led to anti-democratic actions-attempts to suppress the vote.

вАЬWhat we saw: my successor, the former president, violated the basic principle according to which votes are counted, and then the winner is announced вАФ he invented and spread nonsense,вАЭ the Democrat said.

Obama warned that challenging the results of the American elections could lead to the delegitimization of democracy.

Earlier in June, Trump called the 2020 presidential election the crime of the century. вАЬIn my opinion, it was the crime of the century вАФ what happened in November. Because now we have a crisis at the border because all these things are happening to our country. November 3 was a shame, the elections ended on November 3 in the evening, and then something began to happen, вАЬ the ex-leader added.

Trump and his supporters have repeatedly claimed fraud in the presidential election, but about fifty American courts, including the US Supreme Court, rejected their arguments.

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