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A U.S. military base was subjected to rocket fire in a Syria

In the east of the Syrian province of Deir Ez-Zor, an American military base was fired with missiles, the Syrian state television reports.

According to the Syria TV channel, the incident occurred near the Al-Omar oil field, attacked by pro-Iranian militias. So, about 20 shells and rocket volleys were fired from their side. In response, the US forces also used rocket weapons and bombing with the help of military aircraft. There was no information about the victims or victims.

In the afternoon, Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby reported that the US Air Force carried out airstrikes against pro-Iranian forces on the border of Iraq and Syria. According to him, the corresponding instruction was given by US President Joe Biden. “Given the ongoing series of attacks by Iranian-backed groups on American interests in Iraq, the president has ordered further military actions to disrupt and prevent such attacks,” he said.

Later, a correspondent of the Al-Ikhbariya Syria TV channel reported that as a result of the US Air Force strikes on the border area of Syria and Iraq, one child was killed, three more civilians were injured.

Pentagon spokeswoman Jessica McNulty said that the United States has notified other countries about the airstrikes. “Out of respect for our allies and partners in the region and beyond, we have sent a notification of our military actions,” she said.

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