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Australia hits out at China in the trade war

Australia has sent a complaint to the World Trade Organization (WTO) against China over wine, hitting the country in a trade war. As specified in the message published on the organization's website, we are talking about duties on Australian wines, which were introduced by Beijing.

Now the parties have 60 days to resolve the contradictions. Otherwise, a special WTO commission will deal with this. This is not the first time Australia has argued with China. In December 2020, Canberra complained about China's actions against barley imports.

Beijing began a conflict with Canberra in the fall of 2020, after the latter called for an international investigation into the origin of the coronavirus. At first, China decided to stop buying at least seven product categories from Australia: coal, copper, lumber, barley, sugar, wine, and lobster. Before that, China suspended the supply of Australian beef and barley, raised duties on cereals to 80 percent, delayed the supply of lobsters, and prevented the import of wood.

Then the PRC increased duties on Australian wines to 212 percent. In Australia, such actions were called an unfair and unjustified measure. At the same time, before the conflict, China was one of the largest importers of Australian wine.

In addition, Beijing has effectively banned the supply of Australian coal. This situation was taken advantage of by Russian companies that expect to increase imports to China tenfold within a few years. Coal is Australia's second-largest export product.

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