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The U.S. threatened Russia over cyberattacks

The United States intends to hold Russia accountable for the actions of criminal elements that commit hacker attacks abroad from its territory.

This statement was made on Monday at an online conference at the Washington Center for Strategic and International Studies by Deputy Assistant to the US President for National Security Jonathan Feiner.

“We will need to demonstrate progress on a range of cybersecurity issues. Frankly speaking, there have been very disturbing events in this area in recent months, " a White House official said, commenting on the interaction between Russia and the United States after the meeting of the presidents of the two countries, Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden, in Geneva.

“We will test the theory that Russia is able to ensure positive changes in this area. And we will frankly be speaking, hold them (Russians) accountable for actions that take place from their territory, regardless of whether it is the actions of the state or criminal elements,” Feiner argued.

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