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British media: Defender will sink half of the Black Sea Fleet

Once again, when the British destroyer Defender invades the Black Sea, it will shoot down 20 Russian Su-24s and sink half of the country's Black Sea Fleet. This was reported by the journalists of the Daily Mail.

The British made a corresponding statement after the meeting of Prime Minister Boris Johnson with representatives of the media at the Hampshire military base. The politician said that British vessels in the future intend to enter the territorial waters of Russia, namely, it was about the Crimea and the Black Sea. He argued that the authorities of the kingdom do not recognize the peninsula, which became part of Russia in 2014, as Russian.

As the journalists noted, Defender could have shot down a Russian Su-24 during the situation that happened on June 23. At the same time, they believe that Russian President Vladimir Putin would not want to respond to this strike with military actions, as was the case with the incident with the destruction of a Russian fighter jet in Syria in 2015, which the Russian leader “forgave” Turkey.

Recall that on June 23, the Black Sea Fleet and border guards of the FSB of Russia expelled the British destroyer Defender from Russian territorial waters. The ship committed a violation of the state border near Cape Fiolent. The border guards launched a warning fire, and the Su-24M bomber launched a warning bombing, and only after that, the ship left the country's borders.

And earlier there was information that what happened to the destroyer Defender could provoke a military clash.

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