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WHO does not rule out a new lockdown due to the spread of the “Delta plus” strain

The spread of the latest strain of the delta plus coronavirus requires an urgent response, otherwise, a new lockdown will have to be introduced. This was stated by the official representative of the World Health Organization Melita Vujinovich.

“Vaccination plus a mask mode, because the vaccine itself with the “delta” is not enough. We need to make efforts now in a short time, otherwise lockdown, “ she said.

According to her, vaccination is necessary because it reduces the possibility of transmission of the virus and reduces the likelihood of transferring the disease in a severe form. “Only general immunity and behavior change. This even means that additional measures will be needed to reduce [the spread of the virus], “ Vujnovic added.

The WHO representative stressed that the situation with the delta plus strain is alarming, the virus is gaining speed of spread. The “Delta” strain affects a lot of cells, a [sick] person can infect more people and much faster. We don't see a peak yet, the virus is gaining speed,” she summed up.

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