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The U.S. State Department has a special envoy for the rights of sex minorities

A special envoy for the rights of sexual minorities has appeared in the US State Department. This position was taken by Jessica Stern, and the so-called progressive flag was raised over the department itself on Friday, June 25.

The event was broadcast on the State Department's website.

Stern was appointed to the post of special envoy for the rights of representatives of the LGBT community by decree of US President Joe Biden.

The so-called progressive flag raised over the State Department building differs from the standard rainbow symbol of sex minorities by the presence on it of a white triangle framed by pink, blue, brown, and black stripes. These elements were added as a sign of solidarity with African-Americans, transgender and intersex people.

Earlier, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken recalled that on June 26, the legalization of same-sex marriage is celebrated in the United States, and on June 28 — the anniversary of the riots in a gay club in New York, which occurred in 1969. The last date is celebrated as one of the first acts of resistance of the LGBT community to harassment from society.

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