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British Health Minister Matt Hancock got into a loud scandal

The British tabloid The Sun published a photo of Health Minister Matt Hancock and his long-time girlfriend Gina Coladangelo. In the photo, they are kissing — while both have families and children. The opposition demands his resignation.

The scandal that began on the morning of June 25 is not only a question of morality and morality. During the pandemic, Hancock repeatedly said that the citizens of the kingdom should maintain a social distance, especially in public spaces. At the same time, Hancock and Coladangelo kissed, apparently, in the office of the ministry this year.

They have known each other since they studied together at Oxford. Moreover, they are in a boss-subordinate relationship. Coladangelo has been a member of the council under the Ministry of Health since September 2020, receiving 15 thousand pounds a year for this. This is almost three times less than the average salary in London, but you also need to work 15-20 days a year.

The 43-year-old Hancock is married and has three children. Gina Coladangelo is also married.

The speaker of the shadow cabinet of parliament, Annalisa Dodds, said that there is a “conflict of interest for taxpayers money” — Hancock appointed Coladangelo to her position, which is paid from the budget.

In a similar situation at the beginning of the pandemic, Hancock scolded epidemiologist Neil Ferguson, who met with a woman despite the quarantine. Then Ferguson was forced to resign from the government's anti-bullying council because of this. And Hancock then called the scientist's act “amazing” and said that the professor “simply cannot continue to hold the post of government adviser.”

Munira Wilson, who is responsible for Labor's health care, added that the minister had grossly violated his own rules on social distancing in public spaces. “And it was he who forbade families to hug their loved ones, and at that time he did what he wanted right at his workplace,” she said.

Dodds added that Prime Minister Boris Johnson should immediately dismiss his health minister: “His situation is desperate and hopeless.”

The government is still protecting the minister. They said that the appointment of Coladangelo to her position corresponded to all standard procedures, and no one violated the rules.

Hancock canceled his visit to one of the COVID vaccination centers this morning. A few hours after the publication of The Sun, he made a statement where he admitted that he had indeed violated the rules of social distancing. “I am extremely sorry that I let people down, I will continue to work, focusing on getting our country out of the pandemic,” Hancock said.

As for the remaining charges, the minister said that he would be grateful to everyone who would respect his right to privacy.

This is the second high-profile scandal involving Hancock. On June 16, a former adviser to Prime Minister Dominic Cummings showed a fragment of his correspondence with Boris Johnson on WhatsApp. There, the prime minister called his minister “absolutely hopeless” — and added an obscene adjective to this definition. The government left this without comment.

Cummings, however, twice violated the restrictive rules himself: first, I visited a family, one of whose members were suspected of COVID. And then he just went for a ride in the car, explaining to reporters that he was checking his eyesight in this way.

The speaker of Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that he accepted Matt Hancock's apology for violating the COVID rules and “considers the case closed”.

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