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Building collapse in Florida — the death toll has increased

The number of missing persons increased by another 60 people overnight — the authorities hope that at least one of them survived

In American Florida, the number of victims of the partial collapse of a multi-story building in the city of Surfside is growing at the moment, their number has reached four.

This is reported by CNN.

Three bodies were taken out from under the rubble on the day of the tragedy, June 24, and the fourth — in the morning of the next day.

The chairman of the Miami-Dade County, Daniella Levin Kava, clarified that the number of missing people also increased from the original 99 to 159 people.

“I want to be very precise about the numbers. They are very dynamic, “ the mayor said.

Among the missing may be citizens of Uruguay, Paraguay, Argentina, and Venezuela.

The search for survivors continues — they are being searched with the help of service dogs, as well as special devices for eavesdropping through the wreckage.

Despite how much time has passed since the tragedy, local authorities hope that there are still living people under the rubble, says Rachel Johnson, a representative of the Miami-Dade administration.

Unfortunately, only two people have been taken out of the rubble alive so far, but nothing is known about their condition. Another 35 were evacuated from the surviving part of the 12-story residential complex Champlain Towers South.

The cause of the collapse is still unknown.

Recall that US President Joe Biden has already signed a decree declaring an emergency situation in Florida and ordered to provide federal assistance to local authorities.

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