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Strange War in Idlib

Strange War in Idlib

The situation in Syrian Idlib is developing according to the scenario of a “strange war”. It seems to be going only with terrorists, but at the same time with the Turks. On the other hand, no one is waging a war with the Turks. This is denied by all parties, including Ankara. To understand how things really are, you just need to study the photos and videos from the battle area.

Turkish self-capture and “tank carousel”

The offensive of the Syrian army and its Russian and Iranian (pro-Iranian) allies, which lasted more than a month and a half, stopped after they took control of the entire M5 international highway Aleppo-Hama-Damascus. The troops needed rest to replenish equipment, personnel, and to equip positions. It is impossible to fight without a break, this is understandable. And the Turks are now creating many problems — even more than gangs.

Ankara has caught up with many people and equipment in Idlib and is equipping checkpoints that are not provided for by any agreements. The number of Turkish troops in Syria is now estimated differently. Fables of the Turks and the “green” about 15 thousand militaries and 2 thousand units of equipment should be divided every 2-3 times.

The Turks are clearly trying to create the impression that they are transferring troops to Idlib much more than they actually are. For example, it is already clear that the convoy of Leopard-2A4 tanks is rolling along Idlib the same — it drives in during the day and leaves at night. The next day he repeats his route. This was found out by experts, considering the external differences of the tanks. In addition, instead of the Leopards-2A4, which disgustedly showed themselves earlier in battles, the Turks use old American M60A3 tanks in Syria and their modernization — the Israeli Sabra and its Turkish counterpart. There is Turkish artillery in Idlib — 155 mm self-propelled guns Firtina (licensed South Korean K-9) and 122 mm MLRS (clone of our Grad). True, the Turks do not want to equip and do not know-how, and this is in the hands of their opponents.

In addition, the Turkish army is trying to support the “green”, giving them armored vehicles and artillery to assault the Syrian positions. Moreover, the armored vehicles partially have Turkish crews. If the militants can still figure out the BTR and the BMP, then transferring them from old Soviet tanks too old American ones without retraining is nonsense. So the Turkish “vacationers” in Syria must be at war, although Ankara denies this.

Neyra stumbling block.

In fact, during the assaults, the Turks provide terrorists with limited fire support and also act as a “detachment”. Without this, the “freedom fighters of Syria” no longer want to fight. Now the Greens are attacking one town — Neyrab. It is interesting in that it is located on a hill that allows firing in the city of Sarakib and along the M4 and even M5 highways. There have been many attacks, but the result is always the same. The militants were either destroyed on the approaches with the help of artillery and aircraft, or they were launched into the town and covered already there. Video and photos of burnt and torn APCs and IFVs, dozens and even hundreds of “green” corpses and unidentified persons in Turkish camouflage are full on the Web.

On February 20, after one of such attacks on the Neyrab, an advanced convoy of “green” terrorists with Turkish tanks was officially hit by our Su-24M aircraft. They destroyed one tank, six infantry fighting vehicles, and armored personnel carriers. After the video of this defeat, shot by Russian and Iranian UAVs, appeared on Syrian TV, it became clear that artillery was also involved in repelling the militants' attacks. She struck with adjustable shells, which the Syrians do not have. Judging by the analysis of the video, at least two tanks were destroyed near Neyrab, two more were seriously damaged. At the same time, Turkey announced the death of its military and recognized the loss of two tankers. With such a rout, this raises doubts — the losses will probably hide.

In response, the Turks did not come up with anything better than to shell the Russian Su-24M and UAVs again with two MANPADS missiles from the territory of their base. And their “green” proteges were so stupid that they themselves took it to the phone. The video clearly shows how Turkish commandos shoot from the Stinger MANPADS from the roof of the building. They can be perfectly identified by these frames.

But it’s one thing to shoot down old Syrian helicopters, and another to attack our planes. In the same frames, it is clear that the answer was not long in coming. So Russia's actions have clearly shown everyone that now the Turks in self-proclaimed observation posts are not untouchable, and even more so in terrorist columns. And if they want the worst-case scenario, they will get it.

Mutual Negation Figure.

But the most interesting thing is that the Russian Ministry of Defense does not take responsibility for these actions, and the Turks also said that they were bombed by Syrian aircraft. And they “avenged” them, writing on Twitter another invention about the “dozens of dead” Syrians, destroyed tanks and everything else. But even “bloggers” supporting the terrorists, for example, the notorious German Julian Repke from Bild, attacked the Turks with ridicule. Even a biased journalist is even able to distinguish the Syrian Su-24MK2 from the Russian Su-24M. Our planes are painted in light colors, which is associated with the possibility of using them thermonuclear and nuclear bombs in various modes. And the Syrian cars are dark.

It is clear why the Turks behaved like that. If the Syrians hit them, then they “avenged” them, albeit virtually. In this situation, it doesn’t give a damn that everyone later refuted it, because the Turkish population does not read these refutations. And how do you “take revenge” on the Russians? The Turks understand that getting involved with a nuclear superpower seriously is like death to them. So they deny the facts. It’s also convenient for us — we beat terrorists, and if someone else suddenly got there, then it’s to our fault. And if this “other” is not on the list of the dead, it’s good for everyone.

As a result, the Turks sharply slowed down. And then the United States also refused their request for the Patriot air defense system. They say that Ankara no longer insists on the “Sochi lines”, but simply wants to “squeeze out” a strip of Syrian territory 30 km wide from the border. Russia, according to Syrian sources, disagrees more than 5-6 km or, according to other sources, 10-15 km.

So all Turkish creeps have one goal — to strengthen the position in the negotiations. They do not want to fight with Russia in Ankara. Although there are enough hot goals calling for “revenge”. There are also enough people who believe that Turkish soldiers have nothing to do in Syria and there is no need to die under the blows of missiles, bombs, and shells. Turkish society is split.

Another raid.

As a result, the Turks again began to go on patrols with Russia. But on February 24, the “green” bandits again drove to storm the same Neyrab. And this time, aircraft and artillery worked tightly on the advancing. Numerous casualties among the Turks and destroyed equipment are reported, but at the time of writing, there is no evidence for this yet. In Ankara, of course, they deny everything.

Nevertheless, this time the “green” managed to temporarily repel Neyrab. Then, after air and artillery attacks, the city changed hands several times. When the number was made up, his fate was unclear. In fact, he decides a little strategically. In any case, the Greens will be thrown out of there, and no Turks will help them. At the same time, it is desirable that Ankara does not make too sharp movements, or even the truth will be played out before the war with Russia. Nobody needs this.

At the same time, the Syrian army launched an offensive in the south of Idlib and took more than 15 settlements in one day. It seems that this is only the beginning, and the south of Idlib in the near future may completely fall. Most likely, before March 5, the south can be done away with when negotiations are to take place between Putin, Erdogan and the neighboring mediators Merkel and Macron. Further, either Ankara will sign a new agreement, or the Turks with army politeness will continue to explain the rules of conduct in Syrian Idlib.

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