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Boris Johnson made a decision on the passage of a British destroyer in the Black Sea

The decision on the passage of the destroyer HMS Defender in the Black Sea was made by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, reports The Telegraph.

According to the publication, the decision to pass near the Crimea was brought to the command of the destroyer two days before the incident. The idea of passing the ship caused a dispute between Foreign Minister Dominic Raab and Defense Minister Ben Wallace, who, according to the publication, proposed a similar route.

The Foreign Minister expressed fears that Moscow could allegedly use this incident to its advantage and warned about it. “The whole dispute was between Raab and Wallace, then it passed to the prime minister to make a decision,” a source told the publication.

Earlier, Johnson announced the legality of the actions of the destroyer Defender in the Black Sea. The politician added that British servicemen were legally moving in international waters near the Crimean Peninsula.

On June 23, the British destroyer Defender crossed the Russian border and entered the territorial waters off Cape Fiolent for three kilometers. The Russian border patrol ship twice performed a warning fire, the Su-24M conducted a warning bombing along the course of the destroyer. After that, Defender left Russian waters.

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