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Today Microsoft will show an online presentation of Windows 11

On June 24, Microsoft will introduce the Windows 11 operating system. In the past few months, the company has hinted that it is preparing the release of a “new generation” of Windows — not just an updated version of the Windows 10 software, but a completely new operating system.

“We will soon be sharing one of the most significant Windows updates of the last decade,” Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said at the Build conference in May 2021.

Windows 10 was released quite a long time ago — in July 2015. Now Microsoft releases two annual updates for it. However, Windows 7 is still popular, even despite the end of its support, and some users still remain on XP.

We understand what Microsoft can tell you during the presentation and how it will affect the company.

What is expected from Windows 11?

A general idea of the new Microsoft operating system can be obtained thanks to leaks. Last week, screenshots of Windows 11 were leaked to the Network, and then one of the early versions of the system build.

Experts note the similarity of the new system with Windows 10X, which was planned to be released in 2021. Initially, Windows 10X was created for devices with two screens, then it was repurposed for traditional laptops, but at the beginning of the year, the development was finally curtailed. However, judging by the leaks, users will see many features of Windows 10X in the new operating system.

If the version that was available to the media is really similar to what Microsoft plans to show at the event, there will be a lot of changes.

First of all, the new design attracts attention:

— in Windows 11, the Start button and the icons of open programs are located in the center of the taskbar at the bottom of the display, and not on the left, as before;

— Windows will have a new icon — now there are four squares of the same size depicted there. In Windows 8 and Windows 10, the squares were drawn in perspective;

— if the application icons in Windows 10 had sharp corners, now they have been rounded, which made them look like icons in Apple's macOS;

— the animation of opening and closing windows has also changed, and the sounds for notifications and system loading have been updated.

Some experts have conducted tests of the “merged” version of Windows 11 and found that the operating system provides higher performance than the latest version of Windows 10. So, the new operating system surpassed Windows 10 on Samsung computers with an Intel Lakefield chip.

Microsoft will also improve the Xbox experience in Windows 11 — the new Xbox app is now integrated into the operating system. The solution should provide quick access to Xbox Game Pass games, a social network for players, and a store. In the early version, the Xbox Dashboard and Windows Game mode remain the same as in Windows 10.

Despite the fact that the Windows Store in the “merged” version largely coincides with what exists in Windows 10, some changes can still be introduced. In April, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella already talked about plans to reduce the commission for developers of games and applications that are sold in the Microsoft store. Microsoft also considered the possibility of allowing developers to host any Windows applications there and include third-party trading platforms in them.

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