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In Finland, a surge of COVID-19 was recorded after the return of fans from the Euro

After two matches in St. Petersburg, almost 100 cases of infections were recorded at border checkpoints. The authorities expect that the number of cases will grow

In Finland, a surge in daily cases of coronavirus has been recorded, which was provoked by fans returning from St. Petersburg after the matches of the European Football Championship. This is reported by Reuters.

The Finnish team lost two matches in St. Petersburg — to the national teams of Russia (0: 1) and Belgium (0:2). After these matches, almost 100 cases of infections were recorded at two border checkpoints, mainly among football fans.

According to official data, the total number of daily cases of coronavirus in Finland has increased from 50 to more than 100.

“These were the people who attended the games. It is obvious that the virus spread surprisingly well there, given that the Finns mainly interacted with each other, but they were infected in just a few days,” said Risto Pietikainen, chief physician of the hospital district where the border checkpoint is located.

The Finnish Institute of Health and Social Welfare said that almost 100 cases of infection were diagnosed among Finns who came to St. Petersburg, and this number is likely to grow. Mika Salminen, the head of the institute's security service, said that most of those who were infected in St. Petersburg were football fans.

Authorities expect that more people will pass positive tests in the coming days due to the long incubation period of the virus.

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