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Trump: China hid the spread of coronavirus from a lab

Former U.S. President Donald Trump believes that Chinese authorities have already destroyed alleged evidence of the spread of a new coronavirus from a laboratory in Wuhan. The former U.S. leader made the assertion in an interview with Fox News reporters, excerpts of which were published Wednesday.

As the Republican assured, he was initially convinced that a new coronavirus had begun to spread from a Chinese laboratory. “I believe it was probably an accident. There are those who believe it was not an accident,” he said.

Asked if he thought a trial to find out the origins of the virus would be successful, Trump said, “I don't think so, because China has probably already gotten rid of a lot of the evidence.” “It's very late now. As I believe the evidence has been seriously damaged,” the former U.S. president added.

In March, an international panel of experts published a report in Geneva on a trip to China to find out what caused the virus. The experts did not come to a definite conclusion and believe that the first case of infection probably occurred through contact between animals, and later humans were infected by them. The hypothesis that the source of the pandemic originated in the laboratory was deemed implausible by the experts.

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