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Why is Alex Rodriguez hanging out with Ben Affleck's ex?

Renting a mansion next door to Jennifer Lopez seemed to Alex Rodriguez not enough, and he decided to attract the attention of the singer in another way. According to Western media, the former baseball player was spotted in the company of Saturday Night Live producer Lindsay Pike, who dated Ben Affleck from 2017 to 2019. She was celebrating her 41st birthday, and Rodriguez was among the guests.

Fans decided that in this way, Rodriguez decided to annoy J-Lo for the fact that she immediately began dating Affleck after breaking up with him. But, as it turned out, revenge has nothing to do with it: Rodriguez has known Shukus for more than 15 years, and they are connected exclusively by friendship.

According to an insider, Shukus and Affleck broke up because of Ben's alcohol addiction. At one point, she felt powerless to help Affleck: the actor's condition worsened, and it became more difficult for her to put up with his addiction. Affleck often talked about his alcoholism in interviews and admitted that his 10-year marriage to Jennifer Garner broke up because of his addiction to alcohol.

It seems that Lopez is not confused and she is optimistic. The singer plans to move to Los Angeles to be closer to Ben. In addition, J-Lo managed to introduce Ben to her children, 13-year-old twins Max and Emma, and they quickly found a common language with him. Affleck also gets along well with the singer's mom: the other day, he took her to Las Vegas, where they spent money together in a casino.

As for Rodriguez, Lopez planned to marry him. In March, it became known that there were problems in the couple's relationship, and in April, Lopez and Rodriguez announced a breakup. According to rumors, the reason for the breakup was Alex's infidelity. However, like J-Lo, Rodriguez sees nothing wrong with healing emotional wounds in the company of former lovers. The other day, he organized a joint training session with his first wife, Cynthia Curtis.

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