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Used cars in the U.S. suddenly became more expensive than new

Dealers have to overpay thousands of dollars for the opportunity to buy a popular model car. The end buyer also gets a markup

Demand for used cars has increased recently. Used cars of popular models in the U.S. have even become more expensive than their original price. The difference sometimes reaches several thousand dollars. Experts attribute this situation to a shortage of chips in the auto industry, writes Associated Press.

For example, the 2019 Toyota Tacoma SR, which had a factory price of about $29,000, is selling for $33,000. Even in the first phase of the deal, dealers overpay nearly $1,000 to buy a used car and then resell it to the end consumer.

Over the year, vehicle prices in the U.S. have risen by nearly 30%. This “surcharge” has spread not only to new cars but also to used cars. The average price of an auto in June was $26,457,000.

“The lack of new vehicles and high prices have led to more people coming to the used car market, so demand has increased there,” the material says.

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