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The U.S. “seized” the domains of two Iranian and Yemeni TV channels

On the websites of TV channels, a message appears that the domains are taken under the control of the United States government.

The US authorities on Tuesday, June 22, took control of the websites of the Iranian TV channels Press TV and Al-Alam, as well as the Yemeni TV channel Al Masirah, writes Reuters.

Each site displays a notification stating that it has been “ taken over by the United States Government.” There are also references to US sanctions laws, and there are seals of the FBI and the US Department of Commerce.

It is explained that the sites are controlled in accordance with US laws that allow the confiscation of property “related to the illicit trafficking of technologies or materials for the manufacture of nuclear, chemical, biological or radiological weapons, or the production, import, sale or distribution of restricted substances.”

Meanwhile, the new President of Iran, Ibrahim Raisi, refused to meet with the head of the White House, Joe Biden. At the same time, he demanded the lifting of US sanctions.

It also became known yesterday that the United States has imposed new sanctions against Belarus. Washington has added six legal entities and 16 individuals, including the KGB, to the sanctions list.

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