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WHO: Indian strain of COVID-19 detected in 92 countries

Maria Van Kerckhove, head of the technical team of the World Health Organization's emergency diseases unit, told reporters that a super-contagious coronavirus mutation dubbed the “Indian strain”, has already been recorded among residents of 92 countries around the world.

“To date, WHO knows that in 92 countries there is a variant of “delta”, demonstrating increased transmission from person to person,” — said the expert.

Recall, the day before it was reported that in India itself, mutations of the delta virus continue. We already know about 20 people infected with the “delta plus” strain (B. 1. 617. 2. 1) in the Indian state of Maharashtra and the city of Ratnagiri.

Experts emphasize that the symptoms of the Indian strain of the disease do not differ significantly from the symptoms of the original, Wuhan coronavirus - a runny nose, sore throat, and headache.

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