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The US military recognized the low potential of the US Army

The Western military is concerned about the growing threat from Russia. The US military acknowledges that the Russian Armed Forces have taken a confident step forward.

The Pentagon’s undermined superiority was announced by American General Mark Milli.

Mark Milli, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the US Armed Forces, believes that China and Russia are becoming more powerful. According to him, in order to rectify the situation, it is necessary to increase defense spending.

“Our competitive advantage has become less apparent,” Millie said.

A similar opinion is shared by the head of the Pentagon, Mark Esper. He believes that at the moment there is a competition between the great powers. According to him, the United States needs the modernization of the “nuclear triad.”

“We do not need to have exactly the same weapons as hers (in Russia). But we need to make sure that our country is safe, ” Esper explained.

The position of the US military confirms that they are alarmed by the development of Russia and China. This is probably done in order to “knock out” additional funds from the US Congress in the military budget.

This year, the defense budget amounted to almost 750 billion dollars. This is comparable to the total annual military budget of all countries of the world and exceeds the Russian one by 16 times.

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