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Why do they hate Trump?

Almost 50% of the American political world hates President Trump. Sincerely hate. This is not easy neglect, as was the case with the 43rd President of Dhabya Bush because of his cowboy foreign policy. This is not disrespectful to George W. Bush — “he is lightweight but rather harmless, so we can play with him in the same sandbox.” This is even deeper than outright ridicule and contempt for Ronald Reagan.

Why do they hate Trump?

No, this goes further. This is hatred on a deep, inner level. At the level of “we will resort to violence if this helps get rid of it.” They really, really hate him — personally, politically, by any means that you can imagine.

That's why:

He is not one of “them.” He has not been a politician all his life, and does not practice the usual agreements to mention his fellow politicians only with false courtesy, nor does he follow the tradition of respectful treatment of hostile media. On the contrary, if rival politicians or celebrities behave badly, then he speaks of them in an unambiguous, most terrifying “non-presidential” way. In addition, he changed the rules of the game regarding “liberal” media (having coined the term “fake news”) and forever put an end to the old republican tradition of retreating and repenting in the face of criticism of the “liberal” media. He set an example to many ordinary Republicans. Now they, too, are not inferior and resist. Trump showed them how. He will never be forgiven for this.

His tweets tend to be sharp and extremely straightforward. “Liberal” media hate the fact that President Trump has found an effective way to outwit the “liberal” media filter and completely circumvent it. In response, they sharply intensified their attacks, in vain trying to undermine his authority. But in a harsh language (so much so that even some Republicans cringe) or not, his tweets are invariably based on truth, and they exactly match what his supporters feel. The “liberal” media and the Democratic opponents in Congress hate him for that.

His enemies carry utter nonsense, such as “He destroys the Constitution,” or “He is a Russian asset,” or “He is a racist, woman-hater, an adversary of immigrants and Hispanics, homophobic, Islamophobic,” and so on, to nausea. All this is sheer nonsense. Mueller’s investigation and the so-called “impeachment” were enormous losses of time and money, while not even the slightest claim was proved. Nevertheless, his sworn enemies continue to blame for the insane hope that something will remain (Attributed to Goebbels: “Lie more, something, that will remain”).

The true reason they hate him so much is that he made so much and kept so many promises, making the lives of many Americans tangibly and obviously better. From tax cuts and burdensome employment regulations, onerous rules, to enhancing border security, to freeing up domestic energy production to the point that we are now essentially energy independent (proven by the lack of rising oil/gas prices since the Iranian Saudi attack last year refineries) until the appointment of two judges of the Supreme Court and almost 200 federal judges, to the incredible growth of the stock market (thus preserving and guaranteeing the viability of the pension plans for millions of retired Democrats), to the lowest unemployment rate in decades in all demographic categories (including women and minorities), to the restructuring of the armed forces, to new remarkable international trade agreements that significantly improve the situation of American workers President Trump has definitely made life in America much better for almost everyone.

And he wipes his nose every day for the Democrats, without embarrassment and precisely indicating that he achieved in just three years what the Democrats could not do in many decades. He showed that his path is the right path. It gives results. Democrats and Fake News are too busy trying to undermine his leadership, and all because his critical, restrictive tweets unforgivably expose the corruption in the District of Columbia and the insidious behavior of insiders who put the needs of immoral bureaucrats above the needs of the American people. Trump's success shows the Democrats that their path is wrong, and he is right.

President Trump does not expect to get rich after leaving his post (he is already rich), he does not hope to make friends with the top of the entertainment world (he already had a long-standing popular television show), he does not want to become a bestselling author (he already is). Unlike any former president, he is not obliged to party bosses and sponsors, and therefore is free to choose the country's interests as the main motive.

But most of all they hate him for this: they know that he is going to completely destroy any candidate from the Democratic Party who was nominated in November 2020. For desperate democrats seeking to implement their plan of state control over people's lives, with their desire to put limits on personal wealth, severely restricting market capitalism and entrepreneurship, with their irrational desire to ban fossil fuels long before the development of a suitable replacement, and, of course, with their well-known the goal of discarding the social norms that have been developed over the centuries by gender and the free expression of opinions and religious beliefs, the prospect of another four years of President Trump’s reign Valid The frightening.

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