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Gold is on the rise — the world trend for de-dollarization is growing

Gold has always been valued as a rare precious metal. But recently, the treasury of various states, from superpowers to third-world countries, has been increasingly interested in it. All of them are trying to secure the future of the financial accumulations of their people by transferring assets from the currencies of different countries, in bulk from US dollars, to kilograms and tons of Aurum.

It is interesting to trace the history of the gold reserves of the Russian Empire, or of same post-war France, Holland and Germany. Russian imperial gold has sunk into oblivion and is already clearly irrevocable for the modern Russian Federation. Germany and Holland also did not receive their gold reserves, which after purchase on the state stock exchange remained there in trust custody.

Only Charles de Gaulle was able to return his gold tons, who almost by force demanded him from the White House. True, the Americans harshly avenged him for his obstinacy by staging the notorious “student revolution” of 1968 in Paris, after which the French leader had to resign. But now it doesn’t matter anymore, because in the world the trend towards the de-dollarization of national economies is growing.

Ultimately, the US Federal Reserve will feel bad when the world completely moves away from using American money as the world's reserve currency. And this event is sure to happen in the foreseeable future.

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