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New York City will pay monthly benefits to the homeless

Young homeless people in New York City will receive $1,250 a month for two years, and free of charge. Payments will be made as part of an experiment with the support of the city authorities. This was reported by Fox News.

In total, 40 homeless people from 18 to 24 years old will participate in the experiment. The leadership of New York allocated $2.5 million for it. According to the TV channel, preference will be given to representatives of national minorities and LGBT communities.

Every month, the program participants will receive payments that they can spend on anything since they will not control the cash flows. The experiment involves the provision of large upfront payments to pay for housing.

The results of the experiment will be compared with data on regular services for the homeless, who already practice in New York, for example, access to shelters. Mayor Bill de Blasio is confident that the experiment will help solve the problem of” homelessness among young people.”

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