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About the plans of the presidential candidate from the Democratic Party Bernie Sanders...

About the plans of the presidential candidate from the Democratic Party Bernie Sanders...

So Sanders has a plan. He is going to allocate from $60 to $94 trillion for his programs. This includes replacing the state’s private health insurance, adopting the “Green New Deal” to transfer the economy to expensive and unreliable energy sources, and even the state child care program, which he calls “free,” but which will cost $1.5 trillion. It will also massively cut the defense budget, disperse the ICE immigration service, and actually open the border, while at the same time increasing the cost of the welfare by providing illegal immigrants.

Sanders declares a full-scale war on the entire US economy. First of all, we are talking about the energy industry — Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Wyoming, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Ohio, Louisiana, New Mexico, Colorado, Alaska, and Texas. He is going to do this through massive lawsuits (as was done with the tobacco industry). In other words, he wants to destroy an absolutely legal industry. Firstly, there will be appeals that will take years — and trillions Sanders needs now — but energy companies will not be sure about the future, and what kind of investor will get there? The search for new sources will cease, production will fall — which is what he seeks. But the demand will remain the same — which means it will have to be imported from Russia and the Middle East and thereby weaken the American economy and strengthen hostile and unstable regimes.

In addition, it will strike at the entire top management of energy companies — Sanders proposes to open criminal cases against them. Most of them will immediately transfer their assets abroad ... In addition, he will have to pass laws that criminalize their actions in the past, and for this, he will have to change the constitution, which contains articles specifically prohibiting retroactive prosecution of people for violating laws that that moment was not. This means the complete destruction of American law.

Constitutional change is a long process and perhaps doomed to failure. Therefore, Sanders will resort to decrees — executive orders — to imprison the leadership of energy companies. Or he will set the IRS and other federal agencies on them. It will also take years, but it will frighten the entire American business — not just energy companies.

Raising energy prices leads to impoverishment. More and more Americans will be forced to take welfare — for which Sanders will have no money. The fracking ban alone will kill 15 million jobs and raise prices. How about $8 per gallon? Double or triple bills for light and heating? Triple property taxes because schools in your area will be forced to spend three times as much on energy? And budget cuts in energy-producing states (see above). The bankruptcy of energy companies will send circles on the water, closing the businesses that serve them.

Sanders will appoint like-minded people to leadership positions in all ministries. His social. Democrats declare war on businesses and churches on an unprecedented scale. Courts will work around the clock, and we already know who will be in these courts (remember Obama's appointees).

The crisis will grow as Sanders attempts to create full state security of the population through super taxes and lawsuits. This will bankrupt the country and destroy the economy. America will weaken as a power, which will lead to wars around the world, and the army will already be destroyed. Sanders America will become reality — Venezuela 2.0.

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