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In Biden disappointed after meeting with Putin

The meeting of US President Joe Biden with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin was called a blow to Washington's interests. This was announced by the president of the Center for Security Policy of the United States and former CIA analyst Frederick Fleitz, his words are reported by Newsmax.

According to the politician, Biden's uncertain position at the press conference after the summit showed him “a weakling in front of a huge global audience.” He noted that the American leader's comments to the media were sluggish and nervous, and sometimes even defensive. Fleitz stressed that against the background of his American counterpart, Putin looked strong and defiant. He skillfully used the bilateral meeting for his own purposes and was confident in front of the press.

The politician said that Biden gave the Russian president a diplomatic victory and could not get anything in return. According to him, the American leader has shown the world that he is not able to defend the interests of the United States in front of foreign adversaries. Fleitz also added that the American side seems weakened after the meeting in Geneva, and this strengthens the position of Washington's enemies.

On June 16, it was reported that Biden, during his press conference following talks with Putin, made a slip of the tongue and almost called the Russian leader by the name of his predecessor — the 45th US President Donald Trump.

At the very beginning of his speech to the media, Biden said that he had carefully watched the speech of the Russian leader, but he almost called Trump's last name.

The meeting of the American and Russian presidents was held on June 16 in Geneva at the Villa La Grange. The leaders communicated for three and a half hours.

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