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Scandal in the Trump party: the Republican was threatened with mercenaries

Little-known congressional candidate William Braddock threatened to eliminate a fellow Republican Party member with the help of a gang of mercenaries

In the Republican Party, of which former President Donald Trump is a member, a new scandal is breaking out due to infighting before the congressional elections.

This is reported by Politico.

Reporters have received audio recordings of Florida congressional candidate William Braddock threatening to eliminate his party colleague Anna Paulina Luna.

The 30-minute phone conversation was recorded by conservative activist Erin Olszewski.

“I really don't want to take anyone's life for the good of the people of the United States, it would break my heart. But if it's necessary, I'll do it. The moon is a fucking speed bump on the road. It's a dead squirrel that you run over every day you leave the neighborhood, “ the Republican said.

Braddock urged Olszewski not to support Luna in the Republican primary.

“I have access to a murder squad of Ukrainians and Russians. Don't publicly support the Moon. The moon should withdraw [from the elections], and, I hope, without anyone's help, “ the politician added.

Braddock himself did not confirm or deny the fact of such a conversation but said that the recording could have been forged or edited. Olszewski denies altering the recording in any way.

It is also surprising that William Braddock himself is a little-known politician, while Anna Paulina Luna is a US Air Force veteran and former model who won the Republican Party primaries in the midterm elections to the House of Representatives but eventually lost to Democrat Charlie Christ.

Olszewski and Luna have already turned over the audio recording of the conversation to the police.

Earlier, Donald Trump banned the Republican Party from using his name for fundraising.

We also wrote that the ex-president responded to rumors that he was going to create his own party.

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