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Near the residence of the US president found the skeleton of an unknown woman

FBI officials are trying to identify a woman whose remains were discovered near a hiking trail on Catoctin Mountain, near the U.S. president's country residence at Camp David, Fox News reported.

Hikers discovered the woman's leg bone on the afternoon of June 12. She was wearing a red sneaker. A day later, the FBI found a skeleton nearby, and the second leg was also missing. According to intelligence, the woman was wearing a black tracksuit and was carrying a keychain with multiple key fobs and pepper spray. The FBI posted a picture of the keys on the service's Twitter account.

According to investigators, from the moment of death of the woman passed from a month to six months: the body managed to completely decompose. In addition, she was wearing light clothing-evidence that the weather on the day of the death was warm.

The circumstances of the death of the FBI could not find out: wild animals could tear the skeleton. Now the criminologists will search for traces of violent death.

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